Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 40th Earthday!

To celebrate the Earthday I'm giving away a signed copy of my Craftcycle book to a lucky winner. This book was a labor of love, it's filled with craft ideas, recipes, and green living tips. A random winner will be selected from my blog followers, please post a comment here to let me know you're interested. I'm loading up my chip purse and heading out the door to teach teens how to fold a java wristband, Good luck!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! Wish I could give you all a copy, Amanda W. you're the lucky winner!


  1. I am interested!
    Annika Black from Portland on FB.
    Thank you!

  2. I would love a copy of this book too! I've seen it and it rocks! I want to do a lot of the projects in it.

    Your crafty pal,

    Amanda Walden

  3. What a nice gift. I would love to see your book.
    Linda Kinnaman from Bartlett, IL on Face book.

    Happy Earth Day!

  4. This would be a great inspiration for doing crafty things with the kids at my middle school library. Think I'll buy it for that very reason.
    Peggy Becksvoort
    Glad that you've put it out there

  5. Love your work Lady!!! Thank you for teaching the children! Thank you for Passing It On!


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